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My name is Alicia, I’ve been coming to RDA Brigadoon for two terms now.


My whole outlook has changed dramatically- you simply can’t wipe the smile from my face, from the moment I wake on Friday mornings to when I go to bed. 


I am participating in the Horse Interaction Program. My wonderful coach Kaylea assists me to prepare their food, groom them, helps me to identify all the different parts of the horse and provides information about all the different horses I have met.  She also answers all of my questions.  

My favourite horse is Saffron but I have met lots of horses who have all been very friendly to me. Friday each week can’t come soon enough! 

Neveah loves RDA and horse riding is something she absolutely looks forward to. Her introduction was just to find an activity she can do like other country kids. Now horses feature throughout her life (posters, stickers, movies).

From the moment she starts the car ride to RDA until she leaves she has a huge smile on her face.

I have found the coaches to be very welcoming and the horses to be very well behaved.  I have made so many new friends since joining RDA Brigadoon last year.  The coaches have helped me overcome my nerves and they have been very welcoming to both me and my horse, Charlie.

Sian Fanderlinden

Quote from Braxton after his first lesson at RDA Brigadoon :

"Mummy, I am crying happy tears.  Promise we will be back next week so I can ride Buckley again!" 

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