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Our Horse Interaction program is offered as an "on ground" and educational activity, therefore it is suitable for all ambulatory clients as well as for those in wheelchairs.  This program is structured in such a way that it ensures our clients are able to interact with the horses in a safe and supervised environment. 

To meet the client's needs and interests, each program is individually customised and may include: 

  •   interaction with the horse by feeding and/or patting

  •   learning to identify the different brushes and tools used when grooming 

  •   learning to mix up horse feeds

  •   identifying the correct safety equipment & clothing to wear when horse riding

  •   learning to groom and lead a horse

  •   identify different breeds of horses and body parts.


Each session operates for approximately 30 minutes and is one-on-one with the client and a fully accredited RDA coach. 

Alternatively, we also offer this program in a group setting. At the end of the program, each participant is awarded a certificate of completion.



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