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Our herd consists of 14 horses who have been selected for their temperament, and trained to work with people who have physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges.  Each horse undergoes specific training before they are accredited to be used in the RDA programme.  We offer a holist program with a variety of horse related activities.  This enables us to provide our clients with activities that best suit their needs.

Jake 2_edited.jpg

Standard Bred - 18 years of age

Ex race horse named "Jake the Mus" who won over $103,000 in prize money.  

The perfect gentleman who always tries his heart out.

Aria 1

Aria, is a 6year old 14.2hh Friesian warmblood mare. She came to stay on trial with us in January 2023 & we purchased her in March. So far Aria has settled beautifully into her RDA life. We look forward to many years with Aria and possibly even a foal or two!


Rita is a 15.1hh Quarter horse.  She arrived in February 2023 and is a very friendly and easy-going mare.  She settled in with our horses straight away, loves her food and going out on trail rides.

Buckley (2)_edited.jpg

Buckley, our gorgeous Shetland cross Miniature is 26 years old and stands all of 9.2 hands high. He is a favourite of everyone because he has the temperament of a lovable dog & is quite happy to play dress ups


. Charlie is a 14 year old Standard bred and his race name was "Hinault." He has a great temperament and he really loves a good scratch. His favourite treat is molasses & carrots. He belongs to one of our rider's Sian - thank you for sharing your boy with our riders Sian!


Banjo, our buckskin Clydesdale Cross is 15 years old, 950 kgs and 17 hands high.  He is one massive horse and is the boss of the paddock!  He came to us from Kellerberrin in November 2021 & is really settling in as a hard worker at RDA Brigadoon.

Kappa (2).jpg

Kappa is a soft natured chestnut thoroughbred with such a gentle & friendly personality. He is always the first to come to the gate for a cuddle. He absolutely loves his carrots & to jump.



Donny is a 12.2 hands high grey Welsh Pony. He too came in January 2023 on trial, and we purchased him in March. His is approximately 18 to 20 years old and is missing his two front teeth. He is super friendly & a very experienced pony!


Will is a 15.3 hands high Chestnut Welsh Cob.  He is super social and loves to eat!! He certainly fits in well at RDA Brigadoon then! In fact he eats everything including mobile phones, rugs, saddle blankets..... you name it!


Cookie is 15 hands high standard bred that came to us from RDA Brook Valley.  He has been used in the past as a hippotherapy horse but now he is enjoying life at RDA Brigadoon servicing our riding clients.

20231027_120742 (1)-2.jpg

Emjay is a 9 year old standard bred ex racehorse who is 14.1 hands high and raced under the name of Emjay 23. He loved to work out at the beach when he was racing. He also has an appetite for lead ropes and rugs - he loves to chew on them!

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