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What are we doing to protect our Community at RDA Brigadoon?

Our Centre has completed all the necessary Safety Plans and we are following the relevant State and Federal guidelines and directives. We are constantly monitoring the situation and our obligations- therefore requirements may change very quickly.  The list below is current as of 17th April 2024.


  • All Riders and Volunteers are encouraged to wear masks if they wish.

  • Hand washing and use of the sanitiser that is provided is strongly encouraged.

  • The volunteer area and their kitchen/office are not to be accessed by riders and their support teams.

  • All riding equipment including reins, helmets and boots to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between riders.

  • All riders and their support teams must sign into the attendance register in the helmet & boot area.

  • All volunteers and staff must sign into the attendance register in the volunteer's office.

  • Anyone who has COVID or cold/flu like symptoms MUST stay home.



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