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Our Day Camp Program is an important fundraiser for our Centre and a way for siblings and new clients to "have a go"!  They are also a very fun way to encourage all riders of all abilities to join in the equine activities.  Helmets, boots and a helper are supplied to ensure that all participants are safe and supervised throughout the day.

We conduct them over most school holidays and advertise at the Centre and on our social media pages when they are coming up - so keep an eye out! 

Our programs may include:

  • introduction into the world of horses

  • basic horse skills like grooming and feeding

  • horse safety and awareness

  • gymkhana games

  • horse first aid

  • horse washing

  • horse show preparation

So if you are looking for an activity for your "horsey mad" child during the school holidays we have some great funfilled, and informative sessions planned!  Contact us today!

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