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Welcome to RDA Brigadoon's Blog - "Bits and Bridles"

It has always been our goal to distribute a regular newsletter to all our clients and their families/support workers, volunteers and our supporters however there never seems to be enough hours in the day here at RDA Brigadoon! Hence, we have good intentions, but it doesn't always eventuate.

So, to keep everyone up to date, along with our socials we will be regularly posting to RDA Brigadoon's new blog, "Bits and Bridles". We hope you will enjoy all our little snippets of Centre information, horsey facts and fun!

Rider on our Clydesdale horse being lead by volunteer.
Scott (client) on our big boy "Banjo" with volunteer Carol leading.

Taking pride of place on our first blog is our biggest horse in the herd, "Banjo". He weighs in at over 900 kilograms and is a whopping 17 hands high. This big boy is the boss of our herd

He is a favourite for many of our riders, particularly Scott whose favourite day of the week is his riding day!

This week Banjo has been up to mischief in the paddock and as a result he has had an impromptu staycation at the vets. As he requires medication multiple times a day for his injury, he will be staying at Coach Jacqui's place for close monitoring and medicating for the next few weeks.

Rest up big boy & keep out of mischief!

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